Thursday, January 10, 2008

go with your feelings.

it`s a simple thing.

your gut is where your brain is.

feel the feelings and get to know the language they speak.

your life will run better as a result.

or you can continue to ignore the sensations and suffer the continued stress of missing the clues and bearing the brunt of the outcome.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the human mind.

the human mind is ideally suited to figuring things out.

puzzles, challenges and conflicts are candy for the grey matter and we are constantly looking for opportunities for excercising it.

the problem we come to when we try to figure out the human mind is that it`s the most copmlex device in the universe.

and so to figure this device out necessitates a more complex device.

so we`ll have to wait until it`s finished.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

from hypgnosys.

the best possible way to begin 2008.


and the net will appear.

it takes guts.

but those who have leapt know.

we are still falling......or flying.....or maybe we just haven`t hit bottom yet.

either way, we are in mid air with the wind in our faces rushing forward, unaided by anything but the decision we made to. just. let. go.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the real skeptic.

peter bros is a voice of challenge to the religion of science.

he challenges the basic assumptions of the dogma that science has used to dumb us into not asking obvious questions about the silly answers science provides us in describing reality.

granted scientific inquiry has provided a platform for engineering over the last few centuries for bridge building, auto manufacturing, computers, etc......but what about the big questions?

what is gravity?

how was the universe created?

what is electricity?

science provided us with measurements and theories and hypothesises, which are fine, but when we reach the conclusion we are none the wiser.

we are at the point where we need to have a science and technology that serves our needs, as opposed to feeding scientists for continuing to provide answers that are unproveable.

the big bang for instance; what is that?

and what IS electricity. we all know what it does and it`s effects. simple observation provides those answers. we want to know what it is, so that we can discover new uses and functions of this energy source.....or possibly new and better ones....because that`s how minds work.

and what is gravity?

and objects moving in a straight line unless effected by an outside source?

the only place in the universe where that happens is an object falling in gravity.

everything else bends, twists and turns.

certainly science hasn`t addressed these issues. science has merely made bold, unproveable statements and gone back to thier desks knowing that nobody will challenge the "big bang" or any other answer in a meaningful way.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

imagine for a minute.

imagine that you were so aware of yourself and of humanity and politics and sport and science and art that it all became predictable and well, boring.

that is what it would be like to be a conscious god.

when we are bored we play with our food and with our consciousness.

as children we spun around as fast as we could or held our breath to see what would happen.

and we got more elaborate in our games didn`t we?

but anyway, imagine if we were omnicient, that we could actually see everything and got bored and that we were all sitting around twiddling our thumbs one day and one of us got a bright idea.....

"hey, lets create a dream state were we can imaging any fantasy we could imagine"

so they all did and got even more bored, with wealth, power, destruction etc.

then someone decided to create a life-long dream where by they forgot they were omniscient, and everyone joined in.

the ultimate game.

i guess some of us are remembering that it`s a game.

the function of the meta-man.

once you find the practice of shifting consciousness comfortable and you are able instantly switch focus, then you will begin to notice....that.....when you take some time to go within and be still and quiet you open up a new world.

this new world is filled with possibilities and adventures and choices and actual answers to problems.

actual answers to problems.

that no amount of yelling and screaming could ever produce.

the moments we sit quietly and rest, the more we move closer to a meta-consciousness.

the big picture becomes a little clearer then.

it is not the visualisation practice or the relaxation health benifits or the improvement in you golf swing that is important.

it is the little window that opens up just for a minute occasionally and you find yourself popping your head out and............


just for a moment or two.

or possibly an enternity.