Thursday, December 13, 2007

the meta-man.

and i use the term man in the generic sense.

this applies to men and women equally.

we struggle here in this existance, at times. we show ourselves pictures and play sounds in our heads. we do this over and over, most of the time not realising that we have flexibility over these processes, and so the imagery that we surround ourselves with becomes our world.

now, this is generally perfectly acceptable, and we just get used to the constant noise of it all clattering along as a faithful companion in our daily lives.

but what if the noises in our head are distracting or disturbing or worse?

wouldn`t it be useful to know that there are options available to divert our attention from the epic movie playing on the big screen inside, so that we can, quite literally, take time to smell the roses?

have you ever smelled a rose?

it`s delicate scents reach the nose after a few moments of quiet reverie as you lean over the flower, and the aroma of the petal`s musk drifts gently across that short space to the sensitive inner mechanisms of your nose.

then you notice the effects of this as your mind recognises the smell of this unique thing we know as a rose.

to smell a flower is an involved process including actually deciding to allow your brain to accept the scent, and this adjustment is part of the consciousnesses switching capability that we are unaware of as we pass through the noise tunnel of our existance.

so for the past few moments we have shared an inquiry into smelling a rose.

we have in actual fact found and taken the time to smell a rose.

for some of you the experience may have been substantial enough to have included an actual smell.


we have all just experienced a shift in consciousness together on this page.

no drugs, no guilt and no side effects........well, no negative ones anyway.

so where does this leave us?

for the past few moments you were free of distractions, chatter and noise.

and you had the opportunity to change your life profoundly.

and all you have to do is choose to be in control of your thoughts first.

before the clatter of everything else takes over.

it may take some time practicing.....smelling roses, or imagining your perfect golf swing, or driving a sportscar around a winding racetrack with several other cars in hot pursuit....or playing a concert violin concerto perfectly in front of a huge crowd.

whatever your indulgence, it will transport you sensorally into another dimension of existance, that will allow you to then attain some peace from the noise.

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